Sunday, December 15, 2013

Trekking in Nepal

Trek in Nepal in the mountainous area of Nepal will be the lifetime opportunity to gain a lot about the trekking experiences. Himalayan region of Nepal is famous for the trekking expedition as there lays many topmost peaks of the world.

Mount Everest is the greatest challenge to all the trekking trekkers as it the topmost peak of the world ranges at an altitude of 8848 meters. Besides Mount Everest there are many topmost peaks which are located in the Himalayan region of Nepal and famous for the trek in Nepal destinations. Terai region of trek in Nepal is also well liked by the trekkers as there are many national parks, wildlife reservations where the trekkers come to do jungle safari, rafting, glancing animals and birds.

Chitwan national park is one of the most popular for trek in Nepal destinations of the visitors as it is one of the national heritages of Nepal. Chitwan national park is located at Chitwan district where the visitors can glance the rare animals and plants. One horned rhino which is the rare animal is found in the land of Chitwan national parks. Ghariyals, alligators, birds, leopards,tigers, lions are most of the animals and  birds which can be seen while trek in Nepal jungle safari by the visitors in chitwan national parks.

Trekking in Nepal is the trek to the land of heaven as the Himalayas and the scenetic views of mountains is quiet a glorious one. Different lakes and ponds like Rara taal , Rupa taal , Begnas taal. Phoksundo taal are widely popular for boating and for scenetic views. Trekking in Nepal will be the scenetic views of nature by itself while in trek.